Absentee - Victory Shorts



Absentee come from the UK and one of them supports Birmingham City and yet they still seem to want to have a good time. The country’s in a hell of a state and this lot don’t seem to give a shit, they’d rather just get people up off their arses and dancing around the living room. Well hurrah for them is all I can say!


Lyrically it’s not all sunshine and flowers but musically Victory Shorts is like a spoonful of sugar. Imagine some kind of weird amalgam of Ryan Adams, Lambchop and Pavement and you’ll be on the right lines. Frontman Dan Michaelson may well have a voice that makes Leonard Cohen seem like Placido Domingo but he can growl along as much as he likes when the music’s this toe-tappingly good. This is short sharp indie goodness in all its glory and it’ll make you smile from ear to ear.


Milk, two sugars and a couple of ginger biscuits. This, my dear Incendairy friends, is my cup of tea. Sweet, slightly crunchy and totally satisfying. I suggest you make yourselves a brew.