Action Beat – The Noise Band from Bletchley


Action Beat – The Noise Band from Bletchley


One look at the cover should convince all Heads that this LP is going to a bone fide classic. Look at it; loads of topless blokes playing diverse instruments, whilst other topless blokes cavort on a giant green stegosaurus. I mean; bloody hell…


Basically this is a free for all thrash, albeit a highly competent, well organised one; the tracks are high octane, short and tight (check Manic Face or Safe) the odd moment of organic experiment – as heard in Le Chap or Dinosaur – bring to mind Rhys Chatham or a charged up Amon Duul I trying to play Marquee Moon.


For the most part this is an instrumental LP. There are words – shouts - especially on the marvellous Your History’s Shit, but I’m damned if I can hear them.


I feel it’s a shame on my behalf, concocting such a short review; in many ways I’d like to write loads more about this splendid LP, but there’s really not much more to say. I’d suggest you skip down to the record shop & purchase this.


Words: Richard Foster