Allen Thompson Band - Salvation In The Ground

lyrics about love, loss and lost loves

Allen Thompson Band

Welcome in, if you will, the Allen Thompson Band, a family and friends affair who must absolutely kill it down at the local ranch-house on a Friday night. They play superbly. Allen himself writes lyrics about love, loss and lost loves. They tick all the boxes a country band could hope to and because of that they’re decidedly unmemorable. Salvation in the Ground is by no means a bad album, it just feels a little safe. All the ingredients are there, with fiddles and organs aplenty thrown in for good measure (I can’t tell you who played on it exactly as the CD case is unreadable!)  and the whole thing passes the time quite nicely. The problem is, it’s not very memorable.

Looking the part is one thing. Sounding the part is another. But if you don’t add a little bit of something extra into the mix, then you’re on a hiding to nothing I’m afraid. It’s not as if they need to try harder, they just need to add a little tobasco sauce into their gumbo to give it a kick. If they ever have a falling out, then we could be on to something interesting. As it is, I’m sure they’ll sound great playing in the back room of a tavern for a while longer.