Andrew Bird - Hands of Glory

We should protect him like we do cathedrals and pandas

Ok, here’s a question. Have you listened to an Andrew Bird album before? You have? He’s good isn’t he! Very good, in fact. Brilliant, some might say. Like me. I would say that. Well then, you need to get your mits on Hands of Glory because it’s brilliant. It’s the ‘musical accompaniment’ to Break It Yourself and  you know how good that was don’t you? Yes, I thought so. Right, go on then. Go buy this. It’s brilliant. Trust me.

If, for whatever reason, the rest of you -  and I’m looking directly at you hiding in the back there picking your nose – you haven’t heard an Andrew Bird album before, it’s about time you did. It doesn’t really matter which one, to be honest, they’re all brilliant. But this one is very, very good and as good a place to start as any. He does things with a violin that would make classicists tut disapprovingly for a while, but my Aslan does he work wonders with it. He’s what some would call a folk musician but honestly, I think he should be given World Heritage status. We should protect him like we do cathedrals and pandas. Writing a review of this seems pointless. It’s Andrew Bird! The man is a genius and Hands of Glory is wonderful. There, stick that on a poster and be done with it, why don’t you?