Best Coast - Crazy For You

the kind of infectious pop album you've been waiting half your life for


Scuzzy, sultry and sexy as hell, Best Coast are a teenage indie boy’s wet dream of a band. Old buggers like us like them too, however, as they’re almost effortlessly charming. Effortless in that it sounds like they can hardly be bothered to pick up their instruments, never mind play them, and yet they create some of the most wonderfully low-fi-scuzzy-bubblegum-pop songs this side of anywhere.
Crazy For You is the kind of infectious pop album you’ve been waiting half your life for. Every tune is a keeper, seemingly designed to get girls dancing in sticky floored nightclubs. I say girls because teenage lads like to jump up and down to fast, exciting stuff so that they can get all sweaty and feel like they’re six again. (If you’re a DJ at an indie club, play any song with a motorbike noise in it and watch the lads go crazy) Girls, however, like to dance without moving their feet and to stare through their fringes at spotlights. In other words, girls like to look cool on the dancefloor. Best Coast understand that and could well be responsible for starting thousands of indie romances the world over.
 Imagine if Hole were sexy. Imagine if The Runaways loved Dinosaur Jr instead of The Stooges. Imagine a girl band with real power. Best Coast are well worth developing a crush over. Enjoy.