Clues – Clues

Clues – Clues


A perfectly enjoyable record, and one that manages to be charming in a solid, slightly stumbling way. Remember Severed Head is a big thumping track with a nice line in understated, softly intoned vocal parts. I think the whole thing is about stroking a fish head, but I could be wrong.


As usual the patchwork, “home-made” artwork so favoured by our North Atlantic cousins manages to give precisely fuck all away as to who played what; but suffice to say, it’s a guitar-based LP. The very enjoyable, stompy Approach the Throne has a bit of a Klezma vibe to it, (the Eastern Europe feel is replicated in Perfect Fit too), and You Have My Eyes Now, kicks off in similar fashion, despite the slow start. This track did remind me somewhat of Islands at times.


Best tracks are possibly Elope, and Cave Mouth which are a stately, organ-led lament and a quirky reflection respectively.


Good Stuff.

Words: Richard Foster