Com Truise - Galactic Melt

I struggle to find a point to it

First off, I like the name. Second of all, I kind of like Galactic Melt, although it feels a little too incidental most of the time. Admittedly, I’m not the resident electronica freak in the Incendiary shed but I can appreciate the odd bleep, click and whistle. There’s a lot to appreciate in Galactic Melt in fact, although I struggle to find a point to it all. VHS Sex, for example, contains some lovely little ideas but they don’t really go anywhere exciting enough for me to get really worked up about – and with a title like that I feel like I should. Sometimes things just sound too busy for their own good (Cathode Girls) and sometimes they just run out of steam before they really get going. Take Flightwave, for example, which spends three and a half minutes fannying around before a real, honest to goodness beat kicks in and just when you think they’re going to actually make your feet start tapping it falls apart almost immediately and dissolves into nothingness again, which is rather disappointing.

Essentially, all I’ve got to say is that there are lots of little sections in Galactic Melt that are quite pleasing but they jar quite nastily up against some synth work that doesn’t really want to take me anywhere but back to 1985 and frankly that’s not really what I’m looking for. Brokendate is, by a long way, the stand out track on here as it feels fully formed and always feels like it’s moving forwards but I still can’t dance to it.

So tell me, what is the point exactly?