Condo - Best of Luck


I’m not that keen on the name – they may as well call themselves maisonette, which would be better come to think of it– but I’ve got to give them credit here because this is a pretty decent album. Best of Luck contains the type of post-punk indie stuff that’s running around in packs at the moment but that’s not reason enough for you to ignore them. Their sound is focused, earnest and just so ever slightly pompous and full of itself, which is what you want from this kind of thing.


The guitars are sharp and clean, the drummer spends more time doing fills than keeping up a steady beat but they’re gloomy, angry and take themselves seriously enough for it to sound like it really means something to them You can file these guys in a “sounds a bit like Foals”category and then just throw on your stripey jumper, go crazy with the hair gel and get yourself down the club with your jeans hanging somewhere around the bottom of your arse. Unless you’re too old and fat for that, like me, in which case this will just make you remember how good it felt to be a pissed off teenager. Pass me the Clearasil.