Dance to the Radio Record Store Day Compilation

I have to say that I was completely taken aback at how good the Rose Eleanor Dougall track is.

A marvellous compilation; one that not only celebrates the fifth birthday of the great Leeds label but also possesses many surprises. Dance to the Radio’s friends come into lend a hand & pay tribute; such as the marvellous Bear in Heaven with Ultimate Satisfaction – a portentous track (and highlight) from their latest LP. So far so good. But what makes this compilation LP stand out are the local, “DTTR” bands. I Like Trains’ When We Were Kings is a brilliant track, all chiming guitars and swoops and swirls laced with their trademark romantic doom-mongery, DH Lawrence style. The Sunshine Underground’s track, We’ve Always Been Your Friends is a belter too, passionate and holding nothing back; whilst Honour Before Glory’s Lions is a moody lament replete with sweeping synth and guitar washes; I also think they’re using an e-bow, in any case it’s a trick that brings the Bunnymen’s Broke My Neck to mind…

Elsewhere attention must be drawn to the angry restless yowling that drives Bear Hands’ High Society, and the marvellously shifting (The) Tony Castles’ track Adequate Sheen, which seems to try on about 4 different sonic styles before deciding on a gentle pastoral stroll. It’s marvellous. As are Just Handshakes (We’re British) and Rose Eleanor Dougall’s simple and affecting tales. I have to say that I was completely taken aback at how good the Rose Eleanor Dougall track is; never having much time for the Pipettes, I’d overlooked her solo stuff, but her track is classic kitchen sink pop with a beautiful dreamy feel. In a similar vein to the ‘Handshakes and Miss Dougall, Blood Oranges’ This Is Not About Kat (Convincing Everyone) is an enjoyable blue stocking pop stomp, and worth your attention.

So there you have it. Surprising and satisfying.