Death Vessel – Nothing is Precious Enough For Us



Death Vessel – Nothing is Precious Enough For Us


Golly mick, what a name to call your band. Especially when you make pleasant, psychedelic acoustic run-throughs like Block My Eye, and The Widening, and country-tinged shuffles like Jitterakadie.


It’s a warm and friendly album. Of course (as seems to be de rigeur with records of this sort) Nothing is Precious Enough For Us utilises instruments and non-instruments a-plenty, in some cases wine glasses, glockenspiel and bon lozanga… Still, there’s enough grit here to stop the whole thing becoming winsome; luckily electric guitars are never that far away, sometimes lending a Carl Perkins strut to proceedings.


There are some beautiful songs on here; Bruno’s Torso is as uplifting a ballad as you’ll wish to hear. Exploded View is perhaps the highlight, a great rolling singalong with a tremendous guitar break. There are also lots of very reflective, very quiet moments; Pensinsula and Fences around Field are notable in this respect, (though Peninsula does eventually kick out to great effect).


Enjoyable, surprising stuff.


Words: Richard Foster