de Vries - Death To God

Lancashire hotpot (serves 1)

This is a simple recipe. Take a healthy dollop of the Stone Roses debut album and strip off the danciest elements of it. Replace the skeleton with a small handful of Doves drum patterns and fold it all together with a love for Echo and the Bunnymen and Spiritualized. Throw it all into a bowl, fold the mixture together gently and cook in a low oven for 45 minutes. Leave it to cool down under an Oldham raincloud for a week and a half and then garnish with some affection for the Jesus and the Mary Chain before serving.

In other words, Death to God is possibly the greatest Manchester album never to have been made in Manchester. In fact, it was made in New York, by an American. The good thing is, you can take all of those references at face value, because Death To God is a beautiful piece of work. Yes it sounds like it was recorded under a rain cloud but it’ll entertain you from start to finish.

Simple. Precise. Haunting. Special. Death to God is a must have for all of those who spend more time looking at their shoes than should be considered healthy.

Don’t miss it.

Words: Damian Leslie