Die Goldenen Zitronen – Die Entstehung Der Nacht

Hamburg’s finest create a fabulous cornucopia of sloganeering, cod-pop electro and thumping garage/psych-rock.


http://www.die-goldenen-zitronen.de http://www.konkurrent.nl


Tremendous stuff; if a little serious at times. Hamburg’s finest underground rockers create a fabulous cornucopia of political sloganeering, cod-pop electro and thumping garage/psych-rock. Whether you understand German is pretty irrelevant; the sheer stridency of tracks like Zeitschliefen and Des Landeshauptmann’s Letzter Weg, and the simple power and clarity that Positionen the brilliant Aber Der Silbermond or Bloss Weil Ich Friere are imbued with, makes the translation pretty irrelevant if you me. However it’s all pretty heavy stuff if you must know.


It’s a remarkably well paced album too, there’s never a feeling of the band running out of steam, and they seem to have infinite patience in delivering their message. In fact a lot of the really strong tracks (such as the cod-hippy Wir Verlassen Die Erde) come towards the end of the LP. The music does owe something to the Fall at times, Börsen Crashen is a great US 80s/90s rip-off, and there’s certainly a nod to the Gothic (check out the title track). There are a number of “celebrity guests”, in Mark Stewart, Michaela Melián, who add vocals to the marvellous stomp of Drop the Stylist and the strange Beautiful People respectively.


Great LP, and a great booklet too. Check it out.