Discorporate Records Sampler – Freedom to Chaos

It seems that Discorporate specialise in bands that like to make a noise




Now and again Incendiary likes to stick a record on that not only makes a bloody racket, but plays games with its audience. And Incendiary thinks that the sampler from Discorporate is a perfect example of what a good racket should sound like; brainy, nervous in some measure, but exciting and never allowing the listener to settle down.

You get a measure of the LP right from the opening one-two of Dÿse’s magnificently angry slab of noise that is called Sonne Glänzt - and the friendly, quiet weirdness of Xylan by the Season Standard. No respite is given by Capillary Action’s Placebo or Penance, a track which seems to change key and tempo a ridiculous amount of times considering the length of the track is two and a half minutes. Similar aural scrambling can be found by comparing the sub-Scott Walker crooning of The Zonnhaider’s Club’s The Forthcoming Spring and ace German duo Schnaak’s Ontobear, which is a completely uncompromising electric blast.

It seems that Discorporate specialise in bands that like to make a noise (Schnaak, Dÿse, Zarboth and ) or weird, slightly jazzy ensembles like The Zonnhaider’s Club and Gnarled Bikers whose surprisingly (given their name) reflective jazzy workout The Slow One comes as a useful stopping point about half way through the sampler. There’s not a lot of fat, or textural interplay, either. Things are kept lean and mean: Julia’s Daydream by Tarentatec and Osis Krull’s Spider Ryder are pretty representative of the house sound; spindly, edgy, and prone to kicking off at the most unforeseen moment.

Apparently, Discorporate live the ideals of their name, so you might not find their releases outside of their shows or website. Check their roster out: it is interesting stuff that’s for sure.