Eva & The Heartmaker - Let's Keep This Up Forever

If you’ve ever thought that The Cardigans would have been a good band if they’d ever cheered up a bit then Eva and the Heartmaker will be the band you’ve been looking for. Yes, it’s another month and there’s another Scandinavian pop/rock act to review, but this couple are so poppy they’re only one step short of being the next Roxette, so be warned. The Cardigan link is obvious, because Eva sounds like Nina Persson but Eva and her husband Thomas (Yes, this is a family affair, bless) are so ridiculously upbeat that you imagine the sun never sets in their world and the sky is always blue. This is pure, syrupy, sugary pop rock and it is undeniably catchy and a barrel load of fun.

In fact, this album is so sickly sweet you’ll feel like you’ve eaten a big bag of E numbers before you even get half way through it, but you’ll be tapping your toe and tra-la-laaing to every little melody they throw at you. However, if you’re not careful, you may well end up dancing round the living room in your underwear by the time they get round to the wonderful closing track, Possible Escape/Possible Mistake, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you haven’t drawn the curtains.

Incendiary would like to apologise to its neighbours for any offending behavior they may have witnessed.  All we can say is we were simply having too much fun. 

Words: Damian Leslie