Fabrizio Cammarata & The Second Grace - Rooms

a dramatic, uplifting and at times overwhelming album



Rooms is an eclectic mix of an album and a real dose of sunshine; just what you’ll need to get ready for the summer. Hailing from Palermo, Sicily, Cammarata mixes East and Western styles together impeccably. Spanish guitars mix with haunting strings and Prussian rhythms, wrapping themselves like vines around western song structures. It is a powerful, heady combination and the result is a dramatic, uplifting and at times overwhelming album. Rooms is a triumph.

The album flips styles and feeling quickly and with ease. From the strength and power of Aberdeen Lane into the gentle, skipping tempo of Mount Pellegrino and then to the relaxed, beautiful Nick Drake like Myriam, whenever it changes it throws up something just as interesting, just as delightful. Fabrizio’s welcoming, sweet voice holds it all together, giving you a centrepoint to focus on while the musicians simply float around you, melting your heart and soothing your mind. (The cello solo in Myriam is particularly heartbreaking.) Rooms is an album of genuine style and class. Beautifully played, intricately arranged and oh so easy to fall in love with.

Welcome to the summer. Grazie Fabrizio, grazie.