Feel About - Point Of You

a decent calling card



Israeli rock bands are hard to come by around these parts. Especially ones who arrive with a ‘Best Rock Band Of The Year” award. We may have no idea where that award was given but it’s right there in the opening paragraph of the press bumpf so I suppose we have to take it seriously. We’re supposed to take their music seriously too. VERY seriously. The singer isn’t overacting this much for you to not pay attention, that’s for sure.
Point Of You swims around in some rocky waters, drifting somewhere between a heavy grunge sound and a lighter death metal sound and never really seems to feel comfortable at any point. Although, given the subject matter (usually drugs, pain and torture) I suppose feeling comfortable wouldn’t be the correct feeling to have. At the end of the day, they make a decent enough racket if you like your music to consist of crunching, power chord heavy guitars, aggressive drumming and thudding, sloppy bass lines and worth considering, especially if you like your female vocalists to turn into a wailing banshee quite often.
Feel About may not have the power and precision that the best true rock bands have, but they’re heading in the right direction. Point Of You is a decent calling card and it bodes well for a dark, angry and ultimately unsettling future. Watch this (dark) space.