Garda - A Heart Of A Pro

the whole album seems to shine out of your speakers

Dresden, East Germany. Folk rock capital of Europe. Don’t believe me? You probably shouldn’t, to be honest, but Garda hail from there and they take the folk and the rock and they marry them together into something quite special indeed. A Heart Of A Pro is, quite simply, a stunning record. Impeccably played (and there’s a lot of playing on this album- cellos, pianos, guitars and more)and intricately arranged and crafted, listening to it feels like uncovering a diamond. Never mind the heart of a pro, this is the work of one. Garda are fantastic. They’re so good, they deserve to be spoken of in the same breath as Sophia, Tom McRae and Conor Oberst.  

The production is wonderfully warm and inviting, the songs are deceptively simple but sound robust and the whole album seems to shine out of your speakers. It’s a quiet album despite the head count of players and even when the choirsand horns come in (and they do) they barely raise the tempo above a gentle heartbeat but the album is an absolute joy to surround yourself with.

Take some time for yourself, lock the doors, turn out the lights and then sit back, relax and listen. Music of this kind simply doesn’t come much better than this.