Githead – Landing

Somehow Githead have made a seminal drone-rock LP without breaking sweat.


We loved Githead’s last LP, and we’re very happy to say that we love this one too. Retaining lots of what made Art Pop such an enjoyable listen, (especially the spikiness on Over The Limit); Landing nevertheless reveals a band not content to plough the same furrow, and to be honest we wouldn’t expect such a canny bunch of musicians to do that.


For one, there’s more of an abstract feel to a lot of the songs; in many ways opening with an instrumental (Faster) gives the lie to the album’s direction. Textures and tonal interplay are to the fore; it’s smoother, more glacial in feel and sometimes softer in delivery. Now and again I’m reminded of early Stereolab, especially when Malka Spigel wraps her vocals round a line or phrase such as in Take Off. There’s a druggy feel to this LP, and I’m sure someone’s been listening to the Seeds.


This is by far the band’s sexiest LP to date; tracks like Landing have got a heavy lidded sensuality about them: at times the LP fairly reeks of bare feet and joss sticks. The dramatic, bare Ride could be a Gainsbourg track, albeit one tackled by Nico. It could also be the snarling sister of Cook & Moore’s Bedazzled… but that’s my imagination running away with me again. Landing can be a dangerously easy listen mind; the band seems to delight in creating the most minimal sonic architecture they can, and there’s a fair bit going on in each track. 


Somehow Githead have made a seminal drone-rock LP without breaking sweat. Possessing a great sense of purpose and showing no little muscle, this is a very fine LP indeed.