Greie Gut Fraktion – Baustelle

Now this record has the makings of an absolute (and I mean absolute) classic. Time will tell, of course, but this is possibly the most refreshing and multi-dimensional electro release this year, and certainly one of the best and most feminine electro records of the past ten years.

It makes an almighty racket: the opener Cutting Trees is about as gloriously pagan as you get: fuck reverencing the fucking trees, cut them down and celebrate it via cut up, cocked up samples and a voice that sounds like its owner just checked out of a Roman orgy. The use of saws in this track is so beautiful and subtle, it makes Mozzer’s Meat is Murder samples sound like the work of a limp dick sixth former. Yes, it can be said that this record makes me dizzy with excitement.

If I can go all Gravesian on you, this akin to is the Black Goddess riding a huge dumper truck. The female to Kraftwerk’s male aesthetic. Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt is a gloriously high handed, gloriously sexy set of commands to create a city, served up over thee most pulsating of minimal electro run-throughs. It’s so well-paced it leaves you breathless at its power and grace. And following that is the subconscious beauty of Drilling an Ocean. Nothing’s wasted, sonically, the message hits the listener from the off, and the pressure just increases by subtle increments. Talk about never losing your head musically. This feeling of deadly control of balance pace and subtlety in musical attack is carried on with the über minimalist Mischmaschine, which seems to double up sonically as some kind of dance-inducing whipping machine…

Harpies introduce Make it Work before things descend into a mix between a silly Mittel Europa folk song and a portfolio of sexy whispered commands. Listen to Betongiessen; which must be the only song deliberately built on sexual innuendos about a man mixing concrete.  And tracks like Baustein are dripping with power and menace. I have read elsewhere that this LP is cold and a hard listen. Now I’m no polemicist or controversialist and I never wish to criticise other people’s very valid views on music, but by all that’s holy if people can’t hear how stickily sexy and downright funny this record is (in terms of the relationships between the sexes), then I really think we’ve had it in the Developed World.