Ivan Campo – Super 7

Ivan Campo – Super 7



Ivan Campo’s new EP is a belter. Confident, dark, self-assured and showing a neat turn in dark suburban pop. The Great Procrastinator has a feel of the epic about it, despite its quiet sonic stylings. In some ways it’s got a Liverpool vibe, ever so slightly bullish and direct. And notice the frayed vocal chords… I’m also wondering whether they’ve been getting out their Buddy Holly records as Lotus Eater at times could morph into Words of Love. The stop-start track (replete with cod-barbershop vocals) Darling Diva reminds this reviewer of Holly too,


Ivan Campo does a neat line in melancholy, as heard in the downbeat acoustic strum of Rat Race and The Girl I Think I Thought I Saw. And The B&B sounds like Shack mumbling through one of their acoustic moments.


If you like the quiet side, I’d check this out.


Words: Richard Foster