Jonas Reinhardt - S/T


Jonas Reinhardt S/T



Now there are times where I think it is wholly appropriate to copy. There are also times when it is incumbent on the reviewer to point out quite what has been copied and to judge whether said plagiarism is effective. Still, when you take your influences to extremes in your work, and do it in the correct, (completely obsessive) manner, something new and interesting comes shining forth. And this is definitely the case with Jonas Reinhardt’s release.


Put it this way, if you want to listen to Reinhardt’s influences, go and get Musik von Harmonia, Deluxe, (also by Harmonia) Cluster’s Zuckerzeit and a pinch of Kraftwerk’s Kommetenmelodie, from Autobahn and maybe the odd wobbly sound from Eno & Cluster’s After the Heat, or a phrase from Shultze or Ash Ra, or a drumbeat from Moebius and Plank’s two LPs: Material and Rastakrautpasta.


You see, I know. I know this must be his favourite music. It’s also mine.


But I’m not being churlish because this is a very enjoyable LP, totally free from hang ups. The sounds are beautiful (especially How to Adjust People or the ‘Kosmiche’ Worm Preach the Struggling Fire) and powerful, (Tandem Suns) and the whole work has cohesion, intelligence and direction.


I like it, a lot. And it keeps getting played over and over in our gaff.


There’s really not much more to be said.


Words: Richard Foster