King Midas Sound – Waiting For You

It’s reminiscent of the dubby nothingness that AR Kane were expert in creating

I love this LP. I am well aware it’s been out for a while, but working with linear time isn’t really my strongpoint. I suspect (given the admonishments to modern lifestyles doled out in tracks like Earth a Killya) that it’s not King Midas Sound’s either. I could also excuse my tardiness by stating (rightly) that it’s also an LP that benefits from an extended listen, as the listener somehow gets entangled in the complex, slow-burning elements that make up Waiting For You. The title track is a veritable labyrinth of ideas, thoughts and feelings, all wrapped in a silvery fog of sound.

Things are abstract, a sideways glance, a thought not really carried out to its natural conclusion. Simply put this is moody music. Spooky too; opener Cool Out and the imperious Melt Down nod to the spectral sonic muse Massive Attack created. And at all times this is a very beautiful album; Outta Space and Miles and Miles are wondrous pulsating sloth-fests, with Miles and Miles being hypnotically beautiful in parts. I Man’s simplicity and stateliness are considerably aided by a beautifully slow melody line.
Although this can be an angry LP, there are a lot of love songs on here; Darlin’, Goodbye Girl, Sumtime…  Goodbye Girl boasts a soulful girl-boy question and answer routine, albeit the boy & girl in question never really get worked up about the relationship issues in the song. The dreamy One Ting has a lovely poppy edge to its avowals of love, albeit this is “pop” manufactured in a vacuum, maybe manufactured using ingredients bottled in centuries past. It’s reminiscent of the dubby nothingness that AR Kane were expert in creating. Though Lost does manage shake a leg, aided by a spiky beat.

I can’t recommend this LP enough.