Lalipuna – Our Inventions

either slumberous, ethereal pop...or slightly jaunty, bleepy workouts

A very nice electronic release this one, quiet, reflective but playful enough. It’s nice mood music, nothing really offends, but for once that shouldn’t be seen as a sniffy remark from a reviewer!
Rest Your Head is a lovely opener; it’s a song that sees a soft vocal line dovetailing quietly over a spiral, recurring synths. Remember is bleepy pop which takes the ingredients from Rest Your Head but kicks the beat into the foreground. From thereon in the sonic template is set, either slumberous, ethereal pop perfect for staring out of a window to, or slightly jaunty, bleepy workouts: (Move On is one of the best examples of the latter even if it starts off a little like that U2 track where the Edge mutters over some Eno-synths).

Stand out tracks have to be the great Safe Tomorrow, which is as good a paean to dreaminess as I can think of and Hostile To Me which is a slow stomp built round an ascending synth line with considerable woozy charm

One to relax to.