Lo Fine - Not For us Two

"“I wouldn’t act so primitive if I’d been given better tools.”"




I’m tired. Didn’t sleep well last night. Still, it’s warm today. For the first time in what seems like forever it’s actually warm enough to stand outside in a t-shirt and not develop goose pimples instantly. Having said that, I’m too bloody tired to do anything. Trying to write some reviews but my mind keeps wandering. Think I’ll go and lie down.


I’m in the top room of the house, the attic window is open and I’m laid flat out on the bed. Can’t even be bothered to take my clothes off. Even got one shoe still on, although the laces are undone. Still, it’s nice here. It’s quiet. I can smell hyacinths, sweet and calming. The sun is warming my back but every now and then I get a nice breeze coming through the open window. It feels good to be here right now. The house is empty and, although I live pretty close to the town centre, it sounds like the world has gone for a nap too as I can’t hear a single car. I’ve got Lo Fine playing on the stereo and they’re just making me relax a bit more. I breathe a big sigh and just enjoy the feeling of letting all that air rush out of me. I like this Lo Fine album. It’s got a nice alt-country feel, something like Bonnie Prince Billy, that kind of thing.


I can hear a dog bark and a child laughing. People are having fun outside.


Pedal steel guitar, I like that. Instantly transports you somewhere else. Easy to switch off and get lost in the music. It swirls and ripples along like a stream. Nothing too heavy, but busy enough to keep you interested. “Wise men don’t poke pins. They wait and deflate them a little.” Great line. You gotta love that.


Nice harmonies.


I can hear a couple of pigeons on the roof, scratching about and contentedly cooing.


That sun is really nice. Feel like its filling me up with good stuff. I finally kick the remaining shoe off.


Another great line. “I wouldn’t act so primitive if I’d been given better tools.”


It’s good to take some time for yourself every now and again. Just lie dwn, switch off and listen to something that can just take you away somewhere. Everyone needs to escape every now and again.


“I’ve got fifteen names for beautiful.”


The neighbour cross the way has turned his water feature on for the first time this year. I can hear it trickling. The frogs will be back soon. I can feel that spring is actually coming now. It’s about time.


“These are fragments. Beautiful fragments. We look down and we see beautiful reflecting fragments.”


I couldn’t agree more.


Words: Damian Leslie