Lotus Plaza – The Floodlight Collective

Lotus Plaza – The Floodlight Collective

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Whoa! Stoned vocals, shambolic beauty and hazy chord surges!  This is a very strange but very wonderful LP, very much in keeping with the Deerhunter world-view, for Lotus Plaza is the project of ‘hunter guitarist Lockett Pundt.


Simply put, this is one to listen to when you are feeling very dreamy. How to go further… well; imagine playing two copies of the first Ultra Vivid Scene LP at pretty much the same time. That’s the mental image What Frows, or Different Mirrors conjured up for me at any rate. It also has the same woozy flavour as Recurring, albeit with tons more reverb & delay & High Church melodies (check out These Years). There are moments where things sound like hailstorm with chords or, as on Quicksand, it’s as if the phantom re-run of a country hop has materialised in all its ectoplasmic glory in your front room.


The last three tracks are beauty personified in sound. Antoine floats about like Moon and the Melodies did whereas the title track is Ulrich Schnauss a go-go. A Threaded Needle is as close as you come to structure; its cheeky Every Breath You Take guitar run becomes the most blissed-out mess by the end…



Highly recommended, but remember, it’s just that teensy bit slacker…


Words: Richard Foster