Mathew E. White - Big Inner

a rather wonderful, soulful little gem of a record

Matthew E. White - Big Inner

The reflective, academic look sported by Matthew E. White on the cover of Big Inner prepares you little for the record inside. You may well be expecting some introspective singer-songwriter material but I’ll hazard a guess and say that you’re probably not thinking of Curtis Mayfield when you look at that picture. Now then, I haven’t lost it altogether, Matthe E. White does not, in any way shape or form, resemble, or sound like Curtis Mayfield. It’s just that, when listening to Big Inner that’s who I keep thinking of. Why? Because of the guitar line in Gone Away and the saxophone in Big Love and the sumptuous bass line in Steady Pace and, well, because the whole thing reminds me of There’s No Place Like America Today more than anything else. Big Inner is a joy to listen to. The songs are crafted and delivered in a fashion that always feels laid back, chilled and quietly cool. It’s not the kind of album to make you dance around your bedroom, but it is the kind of album you’ll want to use for company on  many a cold night indoors. The God bothering end Brazos may turn some of you off but it’s easy to forgive it (how very Christian of me) because there’s a gospel style underpinning to the whole record so it does not come as much of a surprise.

Big Inner is  simply a rather wonderful, soulful little gem of a record that is well worth your time and effort. And praise be for that.