Miko –Parade

Miko –Parade

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Great, an elephant and a young boy, seemingly gravity free, float serenely across the cover of this release. That’s the kind of stuff I can buy into. Unsurprisingly, given the naïve state of the artwork, this is one of those ‘person at home recording stuff’ things.


The opener Parade sets the tone with a mesh of floaty voices and poppy keyboard sounds and very pleasant it is too. If you don’t like winsome, slightly psychedelic folk/lo-fi pop, then I’d give this LP a miss. It stays faithful to its genre. However it’s a damned pleasing listen and it seems to be one of those LPs that you, the listener, always have playing whilst you potter round the house.


Favourites culled from this woozy stew include the beautiful Merry Go Round the weirdly affecting, spacey Heartbreak Blues the gungey, poppy dance of 6am and the lush Red Song.


I really like it, but I can see why certain types won’t.


Words: Richard Foster