Miller Carr & The Shallants - Passage Through The Wilderness Vol II

How on Earth is this guy not a star yet? When I think of all the useless, pathetic garbage that pollutes our eardrums here in the Netherlands, it angers me that this guy remains somewhat of a curate’s egg. Passage Through The Wilderness Vol.II (I’m not sure what happened to Vol. I – if it exists I need to find it) is something similar to a soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie. It shifts genre, style and tempo more times in forty six minutes than Michael Jackson has changed his appearance. Wonderfully, Miller Carr and The Shalants are masters of all trades and jacks of none and the result is an album so rich and textured that it should be required listening for every unsigned band out there. Basically, if your stuff’s not up to this level, fuck off and do something else. We’ve enough rubbish music in the world, let’s try to have more like this, shall we?


Top stuff.


Words: Damian Leslie