My Luminaries - Order From The Chaos

a real breath of fresh air


Pay attention kids, because this is how it’s supposed to be done. Drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals, it’s quite simple really. You add a bit of an echo to everything to make it seem bigger and more important than it is. You come up with a tune that actually sticks in someone’s head without making them want to commit suicide and when you sing, sing like your fucking life depended on it! Not because you think it sounds cool.  Now repeat the formula – NOT THE TUNE!

My Luminaries are a real breath of fresh air and Order From The Chaos is one hell of a debut album. You get the impression that this album means the whole bloody world to this band. You can sense the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it. Hell, singer James Ewers sounds like he’s going to have a complete mental breakdown during every song and it’s him that really drags this album kicking and screaming into your brain where it will settle down and refuse to leave. You’ll be thankful for it though, because Order From The Chaos is an album that delivers in spades. Ok, I can do without the slower numbers, Ambition and Homewrecker in particular, if I’m honest but I suppose they’ll need to give James a moment to catch his breath when on stage so I’ll let them off.  They also bite off a bit more than they can chew with the seven and a half minute The Firemen which meanders quite a bit, but at least they’re aiming for the sky and aren’t happy just fiddling around doing something simple. Besides, when they can follow the title track with something as entertaining as Welcome to The Family you know you’re onto a good thing. Then they’ve got new single Parasol, which is an absolute blast and A Little Declaration which is a Ryan Adams song in anything but name and one of his better ones at that. They’ve also managed to use the title The Sound of Music without making me want to vomit which I think deserves a bonus point on its own. Order From The Chaos is a delightful record from start to finish and comes highly, highly recommended.

Let’s face it, if all indie bands were this good we wouldn’t have to put up with the fucking Editors. Now go give them your money and let them entertain you.