Namosh – Keep It For Later

Namosh creates intriguing, slightly saucy electro: veering sedately between the sinister, the demented, and outrageously cheesy.  


Now this is something a bit out of the ordinary. Namosh –a performance artist extraordinaire according to my meagre research; hails from Berlin and boasts Kurdish descent. He also creates intriguing, slightly saucy electro: veering sedately between sinister – with the brilliant Your Fate is In My Hands - the demented, (the instrumental Farever) and outrageously cheesy: the blossoming of the track Who Were You? from quiet introspection to full-blown diva karaoke has to be heard to be believed. There are other show-tune moments; Pleurer et Rire conjures up images of a slightly druggy walk down a rain-drenched boulevard…


There’s a fair bit of a cappella in this LP too, which is actually very refreshing especially when it’s light-hearted, as in Entrain. Namosh’s soft, personal vocal style (you really do get the feeling he is singing for you, and you alone) can combine magnificently with other musical templates: the lift from tête à tête to dance works out on Two Pieces and the camp Goth disco of Second Connection is really great.


Given time and patience you could grow to love this record.