Of God and Science - Of God and Science

trapped in a box and trying to kick its way out






The cover, which is very nice by the way, shows two cowboys locked in a duel. Pistols aimed, ready to fire. They may be drawn in a cartoon like manner, but the image sufficiently hints at the tension that exists within this album. This isn't a very aggressive album, it's not angry, but every song seems to feel like it wants to be bigger than it already is. It's like the whole album is trapped in a box and trying to kick its way out. America's Queen, track three, is a prime example. The guitars are crisp, the vocals are nice, clear and warm and the keyboard work is rather quirky. There are some lovely, if underplayed somewhat, backing vocals too, but then there are the drums. The drums don't so much create a rhythm, instead they just seem to crash, bang and wallop their way through to the end. Even Nations Are Cults, which is a sweet instrumental number, comes complete with a drum beat that resembles nothing more than somebody trying to kick a door down.


Having said all that, it's worth pointing out that I actually think the drums help the album a lot and lift it from being something pretty good into something pretty great. They add a bit of blood and thunder, a bit of passion to what would be a pretty sweet album without them. Sweet is nice and everything, but the drums add a bit of a kick, of bit of spice to it and it's all the better for it. The drums often help to change the texture of the songs, sending the tunes careering off in another direction and always for the better. They help to create that tension that I mentioned earlier. The inside cover of the album, by the way, simply shows what happens when all that tension overflows. Let's just say that only one cowboy is walking away from that scene.


Of God and Science is a great little album and I suggest you do yourself a favour and get a hold of it now, before they send the drummer round to kick your door in.


Words: Damian Leslie