Omar Rodriguez Lopez and Lydia Lunch


Omar Rodriguez Lopez and Lydia Lunch


This is a fabulous proposition. Think of it, ex Teenage Jesus meets ex Mars Volta? Brilliant. Musically, the collaboration starts with the musical twins Welcome To My Church and Getting Rid of God; a set of loose, mid tempo grooves that tread the same territory as Cope’s later Rite work outs. Lunch declaims her beliefs over this, at times getting Righteously angry with War, God and Man in pretty much equal measure.


The band is incredibly loose on this record. I could never really abide Mars Volta, but Lopez’s solo work has really blossomed, and working with someone as strident as Lunch has given his music a real, almost missionary focus that I felt wasn't really there before. Things get truly wigged out on Back to the Goddess, and The End of the White Man’s Revolution which boast a tad more experimentation within the unrelentingly funky framework. At points the music gets dangerously close to Eddie Hazel’s Funkadelic in spirit. It never lets up one iota.


Space Rock at its most urgent and enjoyable.


Words: Richard Foster