Pink Mountaintops – Outside Love

Pink Mountaintops – Outside Love


A thumping, trashy, beautiful, and above all, ridiculously Glam release. The opening track Axis: Thrones of Love is a brilliant mesh of growly male sleaze and woozy Spector-isms: topped off with a great backing chorus. Everything’s a bit lurid, and sinister, but Stephen McBean (for it is he), pulls everything off in fine style. Things carry on in this vein pretty much all the way through, sometimes benefitting from a country twist (Execution, Vampire) or a beautiful female vocal (as on the brilliant While We Were Dreaming) In fact it’s the slower tracks that really do it for me; stuff like Outside Love. They simmer and steam in a very unholy way. And the lyrics are tremendous, get an eyeful of this from While We Were Dreaming;


And if I could find your heart/I would pull it from your chest/And smash it with my fist ‘til it was beating/And if there’s a hole inside the heaven in your head/’cause that angel you’ve just kissed left you bleeding…


Golly mick.


There are one or two upbeat numbers, Holiday is a dark, swaggering shimmer benefitting from a really catchy synth and harmonica pay-off. Come Down is also enjoyably woozy and as hippy as this LP gets. (Well for the first minute and a half, anyway). It must be that recorder part…


This is a great release, check it out.


Words: Richard Foster