Ramona Falls – Intuit

Ramona Falls – Intuit

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I meant to review this LP about three months ago, and forgot, despite playing it a fair bit in the meantime. Which is a shame, as it Intuit is a great and soulful pop LP. It’s blessed with a big sound and tremendous melodies such as I Say Fever, (a track which mixes a thumping beat and scratchy guitars with a self-effacing, slightly paranoid vocal take). 


There are a lot of reflective tracks here, not in style (as everything always has a big sound) but reflective in vocal delivery, a bit Andrew Bird-ish at times. A small voice lost in a whirlwind of sound, like on Clover and the brilliantly dramatic Russia. Apart from the strangely out of pace Always Right, which really sounds like a bedroom rant.


I also get the feeling yer man enjoys spinning a bit of Kate Bush vinyl now and again, as there’s that classic Bush-style balance between outrageously catchy pop and overblown arty sounds (listen to Going Once, Going Twice and Darkest Day M’Lud), or a touch of the Van Dyke Parks (must be the voice and the spectacular changes of sound levels) on Salt Sack.


Well worth picking up if you need a good intelligent pop record to unwind to.


Words: Richard Foster