SBach – S/T

SBach – S/T


A great, abrasive, sometimes annoying release (annoying in the best sense to a music reviewer, in that you really think you should take the record off, but you just can’t; it’s captured your imagination); and one that will not pander to your pre-conceived sensibilities.


The whole record is a veritable splutter of noise and cut-ups, with nervous drum patterns and squiggly synth noises competing with some pretty manic guitar playing. Sometimes a certain ‘experiment’ goes on far too long, but sod it, its great fun, especially the first handful of tracks which have a fabulous groove to them.


By the way, if you think I’m waffling out of context in this review, I’d better tell you now that there are no track names. Or it might be that I’m too stupid or unhip to find them… But I can tell you that tracks three four and five are fantastic, building up very beautiful sonic landscapes, full of growly guitars and key changes. It never feels worthy or flabby. 


Surprisingly – given its unquenchable energy - it works brilliantly as a quiet, slightly ambient listen. In fact I think its better that way. And the cat references rock too.


Words: Richard Foster