Skipper - Architecture and Design


I don’t know how they’ve put this together, but it doesn’t half work well. To say that Skipper have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this album would be an understatement. There’s so much going on in this album it makes The Flaming Lips seem like a bog-standard rock and roll band. Sounds appear and disappear before you’ve any idea what made them. Listen to any song on here and things will clatter, crash, pop, bang, scratch, whistle and chime in the background with what appears to be no rhyme or reason and yet you’ll find yourself tapping along to a beat that is so infectious you’ll never want it to end. This is playfulness on a Sgt. Pepper’s and Pet Sounds level and although it may remind of you both those albums a little more than you would want it to it will entertain you nevertheless and for that alone Skipper should be applauded.


This is a really ambitious album and it’s a triumph that it turned out as well as it has. It’s as mad as toast, but that doesn’t stop it from being utterly charming from start to finish. Architecture and Design is a work that deserves your attention.