Surfer Blood - Astro Coast

Surfer Blood create the kind of infectious pop rock that only indie bands from the US can pull off. Astro Coast is a highly satisfying debut album, although they could quite possibly irritate the nipples off you, depending on your disposition. Their sound is as sunny as a Dubai summer and about as cheerful as a bunch of seven year olds who’ve just been given the new Buzz Lightyear toys. If you prefer your music to sound like it was born under a grey cloud in Lancashire then you may want to avoid this but, if you fancy letting a little Florida sunshine into your life, you could find worse albums to listen to this summer.

As far as lyrical content goes you’re fed a pretty standard diet of surf, car and upset girlfriend references but musically it’s more Weezer than Beach Boys and that works well. They keep the tempo reasonably high throughout, skipping from guitar hook to catchy chorus with ease. They sing everything as if they were trapped in an echo chamber and they let the percussionist go bonkers at regular intervals. All in all, it’s a delight to spend some time with but if you’re stuck in a traffic jam with the windscreen wipers working overdrive it may well drive you insane so save it for your beach parties only.