The Bongolian - A Psychedelic Trip To Outer Bongolia

"Bongos! You’ve got to love them."



Bongos! You’ve got to love them. Hammond Organs! You’ve got to love them too. Put them together and you get A Psychedelic Trip To Outer Bongolia, the soundtrack to your next party. This is some funky shit, let me tell you. There’s not much to say except, if you like Jason King, Our Man Flynt, Matt Helm, or The Avengers, then this will be right up your alley. If, however, you’re now busy googling to find out who half of those characters are, then I hope you find that this is right up your alley too. Especially if you like bongos and Hammond organs. As for me? I’ve got the lava lamp on and I’m dishing out the twiglets and cheese and pineapple sticks for my guests as we speak.


Right, who’s for a martini?


Words: Damian Leslie