The Coathangers – Scramble

The Coathangers – Scramble


This is a choppy ride and no mistake.


One minute you have twee pop, then you have screamathons a-mashing up your personal airspace, leaving you hardly enough room to organise your thoughts. But, even at its most irritating and strident, this record somehow manages to have fun. Toomerhead is an under-powered yell, albeit one of considerable charm whilst Stop Stomp Stompin’ is Read it In Books for underage Harpies addicted to sweets. In a similar vein, Bury Me and Gettin’ Mad and Pumpin’ Iron are teen-devils’ bedrooms painted pink and black and as enjoyable as you want to make it. It’s down to you with tracks like these.


But, just when you need a break, along come gloriously under-powered tracks like 143 and Arthritis Sux (it sure does) and keep you hanging on in there. It takes a record of considerable charm to do this in my house-ah. And check out the straight-down-the-line  pop song in Sonic You!


If you’re in the mood, it’s a great LP, full of fun and games. If you have a hangover, best left for an hour or so.


Words: Richard Foster