The Immortal Lee County Killers 3 - These Bones will Rise to Love You Again

If last CD, 'Love Unbolts the Dark', was a meal at a four starrestaurant, this is a Jacobian feast.

I was very excited to get my hands on this CD, picking it up from a gig before it was released in the shops.


I get home and whack it into the CD player, only pausing to note that therehappens to be a photo of me on the sleeve artwork, under the CD. Yes, yes, of course it's part of a crowd scene, and all blurred (reminding me of the classic Charles Peterson Sub Pop covers), so you'd never know it was me. But I know.


To the music. This is the first CD the 3 piece incarnation of the band has released. There's been a few 7"s since the band acquired a keyboard player, and it's one of those that tracks that us off. "Turn on the panther" seems pretty much as I remember it from the 7": the drums driving me along at a fair old whack and the guitars sweeping me off my feet.It's a good call to arms.


It fades into Revolution Summer: a cover of the Pussy Galore song. I love it when a band takes someone else's song and makes it their own. It shows supreme confidence I reckon: "Yeah, this isn't one we wrote, but look what we do with it." Not enough bands have the balls to do this. ILKC have, and it works.


For us europeans, as well as the 2 7" tracks (Sonic Angel is also here),the CD has two 2 new versions of tracks you might have heard already (on Love Unbolts the Dark), with added keyboards. To me one sounds pretty similar, while one sounds almost like a new track. You'll have to get it yourself to find out which is which.


The completely new tracks vary from slow, mellow numbers like Stitched in Sin, through the punk rock riff chorus of a track confusingly called Blues, to the occasional moment that almost sounds pop. I'm thinking Wide as the Sky here, and you've got to realise that it's pop in context.


These Bones Will Rise Again sees the Immortal Lee County Killers breaking out from their original 'meat and two veg' guitar and drums sound into something a little richer. If last CD, Love Unbolts the Dark, was a meal at a four starrestaurant, this is a Jacobian feast.