The Low Frequency in Stereo – Futuro

The Low Frequency in Stereo – Futuro


Now here’s a cracking LP, nothing particularly new in terms of sound, but remarkably fresh in outlook, almost kittenish in its approach. If you like Stereolab, or are fond of a bit of psychedelic nonsense from the likes of Amon Düül 2, Van der Graaf Generator or the Chocolate Watch band then you’ll dig The Low Frequency in Stereo. The opener Turnpike is a sixties-style, low-key psych groove, which (in classic tradition) starts to splurge out by the end. Texas Fox is a great pop stomp; with fabbo butter-won’t-melt girly vocals. Lord knows what the lyrics are about, I’m not convinced the band know either.


Things really start to pick up with Geordie La Forge, which is a mid-tempo pop wonder, pitched at that alluring pace where any fool can dance (see Can’s I Want More, or Talking Heads’ Once in a Lifetime) The song also possesses absurdly simple bass & guitar lines and a marvellous boy-girl question-answer vocals and ridiculously nonsensical lyrics. What more do you want? By contrast, the brooding, plodding Mt Pinatubo is equal parts Amon Düül 2 and a very drugged-out Can. This track’s almost stubborn refusal to end (it’s 6 minutes long), makes the sparkly pop gems of Starstruck and Sparkledrive all the more appealing. Starstruck in particular is a classic pastiche, and really should be in an Austin Powers film.


The last two tracks wig out to a certain extent, coming on all New Yoik on our asses… Well, up to a point, Lord Copper. The End is The End is a pleasant enough Velvets-style stroll, (check that guitar lick out) whereas naming a track Solar System is a virtual guarantee that a psyched-out wig-out will happen. And it does.


A very enjoyable record, pushing no boundaries, but pleasing this listener.


Words: Richard Foster