The Paraffins - Snout To The Grindstone

incredibly alluring and, at times, quite breathtaking


Penguins rollerskating. Squirrels wearing flippers. Sparrows dragging suitcases. The Paraffins’ Snout To The Grindstone is that kind of bonkers. It’s daft, for sure, but it’s incredibly alluring and, at times, quite breathtaking. Songs aren’t so much arranged as thrown together. The percussion is more akin to someone trying to swat a mosquito in a china shop than anything particularly straightforward in regards to time keeping. The guitars hang uncomfortably on a tightrope that exists between being effectively simplistic and not knowing how to play and then there’s the vocals and the bells and the whistles and the…well, the rest of it.
I can’t describe to you how joyful this album is. You’d probably be able to dance to it if you had three legs. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s bright, it’s bouncy and it’s the shot in the arm that indie music has been crying out for. No other band sounds like this. If you’ve ever felt the need to cover yourself in Velcro and fling yourself at a carpeted wall, then this is the album for you.

The Paraffins are delightfully different.