Voice of the Seven Thunders – S/T


Now I like this LP, and not solely because tracks like Kommune and Out of the Smoke use the same fluid, thrashy guitar runs that Chris Karrer and co used on Yeti and Phallus Dei. No, there’s an appealing backwoodsman feel to this LP, regardless of Amon Düül 2-isms which is balanced with a psyched out, stoner vibe that verges on the mystical where it can such as on the short interludes Third Transition and Open Lighted Doorway. Dalvälven sounds like some kind of Elven procession deep in the woods… that Tolkien feel so beloved of bands in the late 60’s is present in some force on this track.

It’s a great LP for chopping, changing textures and rhythms, despite the relative lack traditional song structures: The Burning Mountain & Set Fire to the Forest are bruising work outs: the former occasionally morphs into a hoe down of sorts. And Cylinders is a broody piece that is quite happy to slowly germinate from the ground prepared by a rumbling Moog and some semi acoustic strumming. The folksy vibe is brilliantly represented by Dry Leaves, which has a maudlin, slightly Tudor (!?) air to it before it settles down to being a gentle exercise in pastoral finger picking. The best track is saved till last: Disappearances is the most traditional song on the LP, which possesses beautiful counter harmonies that sparkle in the sparse, spindly acoustic frame.

A short work, clocking in at 35 minutes or so, but a very satisfying listen, nonetheless.