Pride Parade - Dose

With a name like Pride Parade, you’d be forgiven for entertaining the notion that this has something to do with drag queens and well groomed men with fake tans but alas, it’s just another it’s just another bunch of lads (five of them, in fact) from Athens, Georgia who’ve spent some time in a garage with a love of grunge riffs and 70’s heavy metal. They chuck in some Cobain vocals and a handful of  Mudhoney riffs and white noise before giving reverance to all things Black Sabbath at any opportunity and it all gets a bit noisy, which is pretty good as far as I’m concerned. You should know by now whether you’ll agree with me or not.

They’re not going to blow your mind, they’ve not cultivated enough of their own sound for that yet, but you can get this record for free – I’ll bet that caught your interest – and there’s enough going on in the closing track Fishers Of Men to suggest they’ll be worth keeping an eye on for a while.

Let’s just hope they’ll be more suited to a stage than a garage door one day.

Words: Damian Leslie