Dark Knights of Camelot - Hurrication EP



Mississippi three piece Dark Knights of Camelot have created something impressive here. There’s nothing remotely “Joy Division” about them, which is a refreshing turn of events in today’s rock marketplace and cause for celebration in itself. Instead, they seem to have spent more than a few hours studying the Josh Homme approach to guitar playing and the singer seems to be cultivating a pretty decent Kurt Cobain impression, only with less throat-shedding guttural screaming involved, which again is rather pleasant. Queens Of The Stone Age’s Rated R album would be the closest example to what kind of sound these guys are aiming for, but the Dark Knights aren’t as manic as the Queens. Sure, you’d probably like to have a night on the tiles with both bands, but where QOTSA always give you the feeling that things may turn violent at any moment, a night with the Dark Knights would probably end up with a bunch of man hugs and a kebab on the way home. That still sounds good though, don’t you think? Well it is, it’s just not quite as exciting and life threatening. The Hurricane EP is a good, solid, tub thumping rock record though and it impresses from start to finish. Ok, it’s an EP and there are only five tracks so it hasn’t really got time to outstay its welcome, but there’s a good chance you’ll want to give it another spin as soon as it finishes.


The Dark Knights are fast, sharp and they can be ferocious at times, but there’s a great subtlety to the way they handle their arrangements too. Especially on closing track Luster Lack, which is part ballad, part full on wig-out and has more false endings than Return Of  The King. It’s anthemic in ways that most indie bands try for years to perfect and never get anywhere near pulling off. It’s a marvel of a song and deserves to be heard in big, cavernous arenas the world over. At the end of the day all that’s left to say is that the Dark Knights Of Camelot are bloody good and if you like your rock hard and in no way EMO related, then you should run hell for leather to your latest independent record retailer and demand a copy of this little gem.


Bright Sparks indeed, King Arthur would be proud.


Words: Damian Leslie