The Kabeedies - Rumpus

a mess of teenage angst, lust and pop culture references


The Kabeedies are childish, immature and utterly infectious. They’re also smart and sophisticated.  They have a strange ability to sound like they’ve only just picked up their instruments whilst simultaneously sounding like they’ve been playing together for years. Whatever the hell they are, Rumpus is a barrel of laughs. If you’re a fan of Good Shoes, then you’ll love this. It’s just as spiky, just as bouncy, just as shouty and not quite as polished. Which is all good stuff as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Lyrically, they’re a mess of teenage angst, lust and pop-culture references but musically they just want to make you jump up and down. Like I said, all good stuff. With a decent nod to all things ska and a healthy post-punk framework underpinning everything they do, The Kabeedies are a band that will make you want to drink gallons of cheap cider and then throw up all over your best friend’s couch. That’s right, they’ll make you feel fifteen again.

God bless them.