Incendiary interview The Siege

Lincolnshire, it's big and shit and I hate it.


Incendiary interview The Siege.


Well it's not often that journalists get the chance to talk to a bunch of "young people" who happen to be the next Babes in Toyland (crave me my indulgence, readers..) But hey, we did. Let me proudly bring The Siege into your homes.


IN: Tell us about the origins of the Siege, please, for we know not what...


Sam: well ... I joined the music course late and everyone had already been put into bands so I just joined one who needed an extra member, then Morgan got kicked out of his band and joined us. 


Morgan: I didn't get kicked out because I was shit or anything, I got kicked out because I clearly didn't want to be in that band anymore because it was shit and I was just making a cock of myself to annoy them. But yeah, then the lad who was in the band with us... called Dan, he left to join another band that Jack had left, and Jack became our new guitar player, and we stopped playing Blink 182 songs because they were wank.




Sam: Yeah, we had loads of trouble with drummers. All the ones we had either were no good or never showed up. But this year Tommy joined and he's like really into it, and we're starting to get a lot more done. 


Morgan: And err when we started on the second year of the music course too there was a spare guitar player lying around so we picked him up and then The Siege was 5. 


IN: You sound very much like a nascent Babes in Toyland. Is that raw art-school garage sound something you deliberately set out to explore? Or am I talking speculative nonsense? 


Sam: Babes in where? 


Morgan: Isn't that the thing with Jim Davidson and Denise Van Outen? 


Sam: I can't stand Denise van Outen 


Morgan: I think its speculative nonsense, I don't know what that means either but somebody will. 


Sam: look it up. Google dictionary. We sound more like the Misfits and Be Your Own Pet (lol). Babes in Toyland sounds like a Christmas porn thing... ...that raw art-school garage.... no it was an accident... 




Morgan: it sounds pretty cool though, raw art school garage lets keep it. 


IN: Lincolnshire, explain... 


Morgan: It's big and shit and I hate it.


Sam: Yeah, I've been to better places. Although it's not like we're living in a third world country or something. So I guess we're lucky really.  And Lincolnshire is starting to get quite a large following for more underground music recently, which I guess is a good thing. 


Morgan: Is it? 


Sam: for us it is (laughs)  


Morgan: I meant is it getting an underground following?


Sam: yeah, or maybe we're just noticing it more. 


Morgan: I suppose there's like loads of bands round like Rigollo and Smokescreen, they are good.


Sam: There are loads in Peterborough too but they're all hardcore... yawn.  


IN: You all seem incredibly driven, what with Barzallai too... are allegations musical over indulgence appropriate? 


Sam: not really. It's just something extra to do. I used to be in loads of other bands. I mean, being in the Siege is great fun and everything but it's good to sometimes do other stuff as well.


Morgan: Yeah, It's a bit worrying though like, If Barzallai got more popular than the Siege, you lot might hate me. I'm not going to jump ship or anything though. 


Sam: yeah I wouldn't leave the Siege. It's too much fun. 


IN: Anything else that inspires you? 


Morgan: I just like playing music... 


Sam: Yeah, playing and writing music, defiantly. If I didn't like it and wasn't inspired to do it, then I wouldn't do it... and Avril Lavigne is pretty great... 


Morgan: Like as a band because it's a bit boring on your own. When you're in the band you can just play something and everybody joins in and it turns into a big music cake. On your own it's just the cake mix but the rest of the band chuck in the yeast and the eggs and it bakes into a song. 


Sam: I like cake... and playing live to an audience and getting a good response for something you love to do is the icing.


IN: Plans for the future are... 


Sam: Make a cake. 


Morgan: I don't like cake much to be honest, I can't stand jam sponge, if I have a cake it's a chocolate one with loads of sauce on it. 


Sam: Yummy 


Morgan: The future of the band though... I don't know. 


Sam: It depends on whether or not we get somewhere with it I guess. I suppose we just have to keep writing and gigging our asses off and hope something good comes of it. 


Morgan: And if Barzallai make it big quicker you can work for me Sam. 


IN: A brief indulgence on our behalf... what is The Siege's favourite biscuit?


Sam: Not party rings. The sugary bits are like eating glass.


Morgan: McVities Caramel Chocolate Digestive after they have been in the fridge for a day, then left out for 5 minutes.


Sam: DO NOT put biscuits in the fridge. 


Morgan: I can't help it, It's a bit OCD now... 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4 


Sam: Bourbons are the best anyway, but you can't just have one, you have to have the whole packet.  


Morgan: I don't like them.  Nice biscuits are Nice.  


Sam: They are boring, Custard Creams. There are far too many biscuits.


Morgan: You've got the worst biscuit taste ever, Can we have chocolate chip cookies as a biscuit.


Sam: Shut up! OREOS win forever x8927328974785784. No returns.   


Words: Richard Foster.