The Tamborines - Black and Blue (B/W) Indian Hill

This record evokes times past for sure

Funnily enough I got my Jazz Butcher records out recently and thought, "god whatever happened to that mid-eighties scene?"  Well, like many other things good and bad, it got into the modern pop conscience in another form. This record evokes times past for sure: Black and Blue is a breezy trot that somehow welds the melody of Part Time Punks with that icky, wistful Jasmine Minks vibe. Its upbeat tempo reminded me a bit of the Mighty Lemondrops, which is nice enough. The AA-Side, Indian Hill is a more sedate, pastoral affair; there’s an early MBV scuzz informing the sound, replete with a snaky guitar line and a nice piano refrain. It’s enjoyably woozy and does manage to worm its way inside your head.

We like it.