Violet Violet - For the Young and Fresh Boned

They’re loud, they’re exciting and they turn me on.


You know, I’ll be a happy man when two piece rock and roll bands go out of fashion but I’ll give Violet Violet a bit of a break, simply because they’ve got more balls than most of the blokes trying to peddle this kind of simple, pounding nonsense. You can stick your Death From Somewhere other than 1873 up your arse as far as I’m concerned because if you’re gonna do this kind of thing, then you’ve got to sound like you’re doing more than just pissing about in a garage waiting for a 3rd friend to arrive with a bass guitar. Violet Violet gain their stay of execution for three simple reasons. They’re loud, they’re exciting and they turn me on.

This wonderful little single gives us three punchy songs that, combined, run to less than 6 and a half minutes and are ten times more exciting than the last Black Keys album. Seriously. For the young and fresh boned simply slaps you around the head repeatedly for two minutes and twenty one seconds. It’s relentless. Caucus Race chases a razor sharp guitar riff in circles for a couple of minutes and marries it to some wonderfully shouty vocals. It’ll soundtrack the memory of every fight you ever witnessed in a school playground instantly and Company Man may well just make you want to drink cider and pretend you’re 16 again. It’s a belter.

These girls rule. Check em out.