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Want to know more about an artist but don't know where to start looking? Why do things the hard way? We'll help you decide where to start by giving you bite sized reviews of an artist's entire catalogue. See how nice and helpful we are?

Bright Sparks

The home of your next favourite band

Fall From Grace

When good artists go bad. There are some frightening things in here.

Incendiary Wanderings

Cath Aubergine drifts around the fringes of the live music scene, so you don't have to..."

Letter from London

Our people in the smoke (and sometimes elsewhere) keep you informed of what's happening in Blighty's musical circles.

Local Features

Bands, labels and other stuff happening in or around the Flat Land that everybody should know about. 

News and Proclamations

Every now and then we'll organize an event and tell you all about it in here. Our Editors sound off now and again too, in our occasional Editors Rant feature

Why Aren't You Listening?

 The albums that got left behind. We stand up for the lost and/or forgotten albums that everybody should own, but nobody bothered with.